History and Development of Sorbents and Requirements for Sorbent Materials

Chemical-Physical Mechanisms of Adsorption for Blood Purification

Hemoperfusion with CytoSorb®: Current Knowledge on Patient Selection, Timing, and Dosing

Clinical Applications of Adsorption: The New Era of Jafron Sorbents

Liver Support Techniques in Acute and Hyperacute Liver Failure

Update on the Role of Polymethylmethacrylate Membrane Hemofilter in Acute and Chronic Renal Dysfunction

Oxiris Membrane in Sepsis and Multiple Organ Failure

Extracorporeal Techniques Based on Adsorption: Nomenclature, Hardware, and Circuit Design

The Process of Adsorption and Cartridge Design

Anticoagulation Prophylaxis in Extracorporeal Adsorption Techniques

Hemoperfusion: Indications, Dose, Prescription

Monitoring Treatment, Risks and Side Effects

Rationale for Adsorption in Extracorporeal Blood Purification

Combined Hemoperfusion-Hemodialysis in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients

Adsorption of Pathogens and Blockade of Sepsis Cascade

Adsorption of Endotoxin and Mitigation of Sepsis

Hemoperfusion and Immunomodulation

Sequential Extracorporeal Therapy in Sepsis

Hemoperfusion in Burns

Hemoperfusion in Trauma

Hemoperfusion in Cardiac Surgery and ECMO

Hemoperfusion in COVID-19

Bilirubin Adsorption with DPMAS: Mechanism of Action and Efficacy of Anion Exchange Resin

The Use of Adsorption in Extracorporeal Liver Support: The Double Plasma Molecular Adsorption System (DPMAS)

Hemoperfusion in Poisoning and Drug Overdose

Hemadsorption in Critically Ill Children

Hemoperfusion in Leptospirosis

Hemoadsorption: Research Agenda and Potential Future Applications

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